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The Bolivian economy as of August 2013

El Diario reports:

The Bolivian economy as of August 2013

2013-09-16 08.47.11 amGROWTH: The growth rate of Bolivian GDP, as of June 2013 reached 6.5%. Meanwhile, the growth rate of the GDP from the manufacturing industry came to the 4.21% (March, 2013), according to – Macroeconomic Monitor -, the National Chamber of Industries [CNI].

INFLATION: 2013 inflation as of August 2013 reached 4.23%, above the 2.72% registered in August 2012.

EXPORTS: Exports in the period January to July 2013 overtook $6,902 million dollars and imports at $4,986 million. The trade balance is a surplus of $1,916 million dollars.

EXTERNAL debt: At the end of August 2013, the external debt of Bolivia reached $4,815 million dollars, i.e. $710 million more than at the end of December 2012.

RIN: By the end of August 2013, net international reserves reached $14,401 million dollars, that is, $474 million more than at the end of December 2012.

DEPOSITS and CREDITS: By the end of August 2013, the deposits from the public in the financial system reached $13,951 million dollars and credits $11,796 million.

UNEMPLOYMENT: In 2012 the unemployment rate estimates that it reached 2.5%.

INVESTMENT: A December 2012, executed public investment reached $2,874 million dollars. The total investment in Bolivia came to $5,112 million dollars.


We certainly could have done much better! The ochlocratic government is wasting our best economic times, EVER!