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Senator Pinto’s repercussions on our relations with Brazil

Carlos Cordero writes in El Deber:

Thanks to Pinto

Carlos CorderoWhile Roger Pinto, Senator for the Department of Pando, had been held at the Embassy of Brazil in La Paz, political and diplomatic relations between the States has remained at a standstill for more than 15 months.

When the news became public, that Pinto had managed to escape and arrive safely to Brazil, what seemed a dismal failure of diplomacy Bolivian, attributable to the STUBBORNESS not to grant him safe-conduct, it became almost immediately a political success for the Government of President Evo Morales. The door of the Planalto Palace in Brasilia, which remained insurmountable for this [Bolivian president], suddenly it wide opened and produced the so long-awaited meeting between the Presidents of both Nations.

The charge d’affaires of Brazil, Eduardo Saboia, who took the decision to facilitate the exit of Pinto from Bolivia, considered a hero in his country and persona non grata in Bolivia [government not Bolivian society], should actually be decorated by the Bolivian Foreign Ministry, because his risky bid got to the Bolivian President the opportunity to take a photo with the President Dilma and speak privately with her. So far, nothing or no one had achieved such an approach.

Therefore, Roger Pinto, the opposition Senator who sought refuge in Brazil to draw the attention of the world about the authoritarian nature of the Government of Bolivia and the use of mechanisms of Justice for political ends, managed with his “film escape type”, to the end, has managed to approach to the international Tribune and two Governments to restore the image of a Government that was deteriorating in the eyes of the world, by its internal weaknesses. Instead of deepening this deterioration, the diplomatic mess has given Evo Morales momentum, which has even opened other doors in Europe.

Perverse effects tend to call the decisions that achieve different from the expected results

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We are certainly ruled by a ochlocratic government. We need to stop the illegitimate re-re-election, once and for all!