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Bolivian central government’s “pride”, lasted very little…

Humberto Vacaflor writes in HoyBolivia.com:

Their pride lasted very little

Humberto VacaflorCuba has decided to install a gigantic dock for containers, given that the ones the United States has in its territory do not cover its foreign trade traffic and need to rent them from the neighbors.

These same days, the Bolivian Government has decided to put to rest its pride and offer all the advantages to those oil companies, that may wish to invest.

Sometimes to be needy does not mean just to only have a heretic face but also of some capable to sell homeland. [two Bolivian slang that is hard for me to translate them better, sorry]

In the last few hours, one of seven incentives that the Government intends to offer to the oil companies, consists of a remission of taxes for the first five years of operation of a new oil field.

A former government, neoliberal without pretense, a previous had also created the figure of ‘new’ and ‘old’ fields to benefit the oil companies, as it is now doing the “change process” of plans.

It is that gas is running out, gas that was discovered in the preceding political period, the neo-liberal. And the IDH [acronym for the hydrocarbon tax that is assigned to those Departments that are the source of the gas, a percentage; and another percentage for the other Departments], which the current Government is so proud, but that was promulgated by my friend Hormando Vaca Diez, has to be placed in the freezer.

This Government, which won the big lottery prize of the gas and raw materials with high prices without even buying a lottery ticket, is now in trouble.

Let’s hope that they don’t blame Hormando for not having foreseen that those explorations should have been done to find new reserves. The regionalists who hated my friend, and even surmounted an Aymara revolt against him, are silent. They wish to be invisible.

Oil companies have told the Government that they do not want incentives: just want that the “disincentives” be eliminated. But the Government doesn’t want to take the hint; it insists on approving incentives.

Recoverable costs totaled close to $4 billion, and there are other similar advantages that total much more.

But the Government seems determined to humiliation in exchange for receiving the forgiveness of the oil companies. Measures that are programmed, are equivalent to weeping contortions.

And so, as says León Felipe, it is tiring to see rogue that overwhelmingly recur regularly in history.



Thus, undeniably we are watching how the ochlocratic group that took over the national government is leaving our beloved country in ruins!