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Current Bolivian pluri-multi-State is not to be trusted…

ANSA reports from Sao Paulo for Pagina Siete:


SABOIA said that Bolivia “is the far West”

2013-09-23 08.23.17 amThe diplomat Eduardo Saboia, who helped the illegal leak of Bolivian Senator Roger Pinto of the Embassy of Brazil in La Paz, said yesterday that Bolivia for Brazilian entrepreneurs is the “far West” and the more difficult of the foreign policy relationships of President Dilma Rousseff.

“Bolivia is our Syria, is the place where problems can exploit us in the face. Bolivia is our more difficult international relationship, there is proximity and asymmetry between the two countries. Bolivia can not be minimized as a peripheral country. The most fervent nationalists consider us one side of crooks, coup right spokesmen,”said Saboia, who is being investigated by the escape of Pinto to Brazil.

Saboia revealed that he became friend of Pinto, convicted of corruption in his country. In addition, denounced that in the Bolivian judicial system “everything is paid, $15,000, for example, for a statement, I have to pay for a court hearing”.

According to Saboia, although he said to like Bolivia, he cited as “drama” situations the nationalization of Petrobras’ refineries, the cessation of a work of the Brazilian OAS and the inspection that Bolivian authorities made to the aircraft of the Brazilian air force, which transported Minister of Defense, Celso Amorim.

“Entrepreneurs reach a far West, think that the Embassy is a police station,” said the diplomat, authorized to return to administrative work on October 1st, by Luiz Figueiredo, Chancellor, until the end of the disciplinary process.


Sad but true description of current ochlocratic rule in our beloved Bolivia…