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Pollution threatens Bolivian youth!

ERBOL reports:

Mining pollutes water

They detect lead in the blood of some children in Tupiza

2013-09-12 08.08.42 amThey detected the presence of lead in some children, in District 3, in the municipality of Tupiza, the Department of Potosi, which is of concern to several families, said Norma Moreno, Member of the Comite Octubre Azul [October Blue Committee].

“In particular, on the specific topic of (the town of) Oploca, where lead has been found in even the blood of the children;” so, that’s really very alarming,”said, according to the report by Critel, an Erbol Radio.

The mining operators in the region do not respect the standards of environmental care, mother nature and others, they continue contaminating water systems flowing from the bowels of the subsoil.

According to the report, local and regional authorities do nothing to the health care of children and even adults who are at risk of more contamination from mineralogical waste.


And this is how irreversible disasters happen… I urge environmentalists all over the world to empathize with this Bolivian children. Lets awaken those stakeholders and raise our concern! as current ochlocratic central government is incapable of doing anything in this regard!

This centralist government was unable to sanction the mining law, in seven years of ineptitude and several deaths as a result of clashes amongst its allies… mining workers who were offered the same spoils… and now our future is in jeopardy!