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Bolivian gov issues bonds paying high rates and does not use CAF low interest loans!!

Marco Chuquimia reports for El Deber:


CAF ensures that the country will not use 100% of their credit

2013-09-20 09.09.10 amThe private sector receives about $100 million and the remaining are for public investment projects, roads mainly, according to the entity.

The country receives from the Development Bank of America Latina – CAF $500 million dollars per year. Of that total, $100 million are going to the private sector and other $400 million to the public sector. In the latter case, it was reported, the authorities will not execute all of the amounts approved by the multilateral agency.

“This year we have reported disbursements by some $130 million, until last month and until end of year hope to overcome the $200 million”, informed the representative of the entity in Bolivia, Emilio Urquillas.

Most of the resources approved by the agencies, even sovereign bonds issued by the Government in 2012 and 2013 negotiations, are earmarked for road infrastructure and a review of the level of implementation of the Bolivian Road Administrator (ABC) helped to establish this entity executed budget at 33.7%.

Yesterday, the President of this institution, Antonio Mullisaca, decided to postpone the interview and then shut off his cellphone.

According to Urquillas, the country will receive $500 million every year until the end of 2014 and will then begin a new round of dialogue for new agreements that will allow to continue supporting the Government ventures in the next five years.

With respect to the interests that pay the Bolivian State, the international delegate said that in 2012 it is charged 1.97 percent and that this year an approximately two percent of the entire portfolio is set. [and this ochlocratic government issues bonds and pays around 5%… no sense at all!!!]

The larger projects that support the CAF are: the road [doble via] La Paz-Oruro; the Riberalta-Guayaramerin Highway and the recently opened section bridge Ichilo in Yapacani, among others.


I hate to see that we borrow money and don’t execute programs. I hate even more that we issue bonds and pay higher interest rates … for what??!! If there are cheaper international funds available for Bolivian infrastructure, there is NO need to issue bonds…!!