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Current Bolivian government is responsible for over 774 people being forced to leave the country…

So… this is the Bolivia political environment, under current ochlocracy.

From El Dia:


Opposition denounces that Bolivia has 774 exiled in the Government of Evo Morales

In this regard, a congressman  of the MAS, Rodolfo Calle, acknowledged that this figure is correct, but it is due to ordinary people or former officials who fled the country unwarranted, because he made it clear that the Government does not exert political persecution against anyone.

2013-09-01 10.26.27 pmThe congressman of National Convergence (CN), Luis Felipe Dorado, denounced that in the Government of President Evo Morales around 774 people went into exile, due to the constant “political persecution” and lack of fairness in justice.

This data is verified with a report of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), which indicates that there were a total of 774 exiled Bolivian until January 2013.


Freedom of speech, freedom of the press, are missing; on top of that, there is lack of property rights’ enforcement and anarchy and demagogue are rampant in our beloved Bolivia… I wonder why?