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Bolivian ochlocracy and rampant corruption

Carlos Valverde writes in El Deber:

Institutionality and purging

Carlos ValverdeVice President García Linera said that “there was no sufficient effort in the Bolivian police institutionally to purge their troops”; statement that it’s very interesting coming from him, an important man of a Government that got hold of a ‘pseudo-militants’ inside the military and police for assembling reliable controls and, above all, willing to all that political power requirements in both fundamental institutions of the country.

The Vice President said: “Missed a more meticulous selection of the personal and police background”, and that is not new; There has never been a meritocratic and sleek selection. It is well-known that military and police personnel of whole batches have been passed to the active reserve for lack of ‘identified colonels’ with the cause of the Government in office. It has taken place in this Government and it also took place in former ones and, if not having a truly institutional change, it will happen in Government that comes, when Evo Morales ceases to be President.

Governments seek to police and military sympathizers, and these always appear, even if its known that they have participated before in tasks of all kinds against which now exalt them in senior positions; the rulers now make it and the previous ones did. In the present case, it is known that the selection of police and military officers ran on behalf of J.R. Quintana, former military that was sure to ‘know’ who to put, based on dubious signs of loyalty shown by those who, in times of Quintana, were probably only captains; These even called ‘brothers’ of social movements that formerly repressed.

There was no purging, García Linera says when another police chief is arrested abroad, but this same Government complains that regarding ‘Chaparina’, there was a break in the chain of command; chain prepared by the Government, i.e. made based on ‘loyalties’ of those who jumped several promotions and trampled their own comrades and were ‘chosen’ by the power.

Missing honesty in a Government to address the issue and lack of loyalty in police and military to follow the meritocratic selection processes. Or missing institutions, and it seems that this will not change.