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A corrupt person or a corrupt structure in today’s Bolivia?

Renzo Abruzzese writes in El Deber:

A delinquent syndrome

Renzo AbruzzeseWe were accustomed to live with corruption of public officials, but until recently it was relatively easy to distinguish between a corrupt official and a corrupt structure. When a “deal” was discovered, the image of the Government was affected as a whole, no doubt but it was relatively clear that the corrupt official took advantage of his position to commit a crime, there was a black sheep in the flock! However, another is the situation when all the flock is full of black sheep. In the sociological perspective it can be said that the difference between the first and the second case marks the difference between a ‘corrupt State’ and another ‘criminal’.

It seems that what the citizen perception experiences of today. Is an increasingly entrenched certainty, and supported by the chain of dark events surrounding the State Administration which begins to make it clear that it is not the individual appetite from the recent comers, which expresses itself in the wave of scandals shaking the Government since its establishment in, but that it is a structure where almost everything is permitted and insured. What appeared to be an effect associated with the natural drunk of power that often experience a Government when it feels unbeatable and eternal, has given way to the widespread sense of hangover which involves a unlimited enjoyment of power, beyond good and evil, symptom clear of a delinquent syndrome.

‘Accidents’ are no longer the exception, but the norm. Selective impunity and justice-oriented only dissidents and create the conditions for this paradise of shadows. Everything indicates that the explanatory speeches are exhausted, the facts belie them dramatically. Anti-narcotics Chief falls prisoner for drug trafficking, the anti-corruption police chief ends up prisoner by being corrupt, which adds that the facts begin to relate the time, curious ‘ working’ relationships begin to show unexpected ramifications. It is not one, isolated, daring and unsuspecting, are too, all together under the same structure. This is a sensitive issue, because you can pass the same when a house of cards loses a letter: all fall.


There is no doubt, whatsoever, that we are living under a ochlocratic regime!