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Bolivia is still among the least competitive countries, according to the WEF

AFP reports in El Dia:

It is in the 98 place among 148 countries

Bolivia is still among the least competitive countries, according to the WEF

Competitiveness stagnates in Latin America, the country is not the worst in the region but it is far from improving the indices

2013-09-05 08.59.27 amLatin America continues to have low rates of productivity, despite strong growth in recent years, according to the index of competitiveness, 2013-2014, published on Wednesday [9/4/13] in Geneva by the World Economic Forum (WEF).

Bolivia is at 98 of 148 countries classified by the Forum, Chile leads the regional classification (34th place), ahead of Panama (40), Costa Rica (54) and Mexico (55). Brazil loses eight posts on the earlier this year and remains in the 56th. Venezuela (134) and Haiti (143) occupy the last places.

Global Switzerland tops the standings for the fifth consecutive year, followed by Finland and Singapore. Germany climbs two places and placed fourth and United States wins two and is located in fifth place. Spain is 35th, just after Chile.

2013-09-05 09.07.02 amThe Latin American region “remains affected by a weak performance of the institutions, poor infrastructure and inefficiency in the allocation of factors of production” indicates the WEF (World Economic Forum) in a statement.

This is a product of “an insufficient level of competition and a gap in the field of education and training, technology and innovation, which prevents many companies move towards higher value-added activities”, it added.

Other countries in the region are thus located in this classification: Peru (61), Ecuador (71), Uruguay (85), Bolivia (98), Nicaragua (99), Argentina (104), Honduras (111), Paraguay (119), Venezuela (134) and Haiti (143).


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Bolivia shows the following data:


2013-09-05 09.31.24 am

2013-09-05 09.35.24 am2013-09-05 09.35.47 am2013-09-05 09.36.29 am2013-09-05 09.36.55 am2013-09-05 09.37.18 amIf Bolivia wants to overcome this, we need to get rid of current ochlocracy. The rampant corruption, political persecution, lack of justice and enforcement of property rights are sprouting anarchical, demagogue, violent coca-grower central government.