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Current Bolivian president wants to remain ‘Ad vitam aeternam’!

Caros Cordero writes in El Deber:

The lifetime Presidency

Carlos CorderoIt is not the first time that President Evo Morales says that the minority peasant indigenous sector of the country (see the results of the 2012 census in this regard), through the political instrument known as the MAS, has come to the Government Palace to stay there, exercising political power indefinitely. Despite being a typical phrase of balcony [demagogue], as part of the electoral career, as prognostic of Gypsies who are mutually reading the decks of destiny, it arouses both enthusiasm and criticism and concerns in the rest of Bolivia.

It is absolutely true that the portrait of the citizen Evo Morales, as elected and constitutional President, will remain forever in the Presidents Gallery which has the Palace. Also the history books will incorporate his name and years of Government as part of its pages; with the relative, precarious and enigmatic illusion this is: forever.

When the remains were repatriated of Marshal Andrés Santa Cruz (without the ‘de’, he never wrote his name with that preposition), to pay tribute to him after so much neglect, as he was living in exile until his death and remained for a century in a French cemetery, and after shelter him, forever, in a mausoleum specially built in the La Paz Cathedral, next to the Palace of Government, passed a decree which provided that the portrait of the former President is placed, since then and forever, between the portraits of Bolivar and Sucre. The Morales Government erased that with a stroke and without any redness or consideration that Decree and removed the portrait of Santa Cruz of all public walls. It was also ordered, that to the right of the altar of the homeland the figures of Bolívar and Sucre were displayed; that in the middle be placed the national code of arms and to the left, for the first time and forever, be placed the mythical figures of indigenous leaders.

Nothing lasts forever, except God. Democracy should renew the political power through elections every so often. The will and the desire to remain forever in power are important, but who decides is the citizen vote and no electoral loyalty lasts forever.