Bolivia clogs Brazil with cocaine and PF seizes more 700 kilos

From a Brazilian newspaper, Correio do Estado:

Bolivia clogs Brazil with cocaine and PF seizes more 700 kilos

This is the second largest seizure of drugs, in less than a month in MS. [State of Matto Grosso do Sul]

Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 11.04.19 AMWith the wide open border, traffickers in Bolivia are clogging Brazil with cocaine, pouring in the country increasing amounts of the narcotic. The border line from Corumba remains the most vulnerable point, an open gate to the drug traffickers, who are no longer limited to small consignments by car or bus, but for large shipments. Yesterday [12/16/2014], for example, federal police intercepted, in the late morning, a load with just over 700 kilos of Bolivian drug. The event was recorded around 11 hours as the BR-262, by the vicinity of Indubrasil. The consignment if considered the destination, could reach about $10.5 million dollars.

Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 11.06.53 AM

This is the second large seizure of narcotics, in less than a month, in Mato Grosso do Sul, by the Federal Police. The above took place in November, in the region of Parnaíba, where they were also barred 700 kilos of the same drug.

According to information released yesterday afternoon [12/16/2014], the Regional Superintendent of PF, in Campo Grande, as a result of meticulous research, Police officers from Narcotics headed back to BR-262 and at the time of Indubrasil, approached a white Scania truck, coming from Corumbá. A quick examination of the driver, who was traveling alone, and revised the iron load the vehicle was carrying, the feds found hundreds of cocaine tablets, which weighed just over 700 kilos.

Crystal clear! Another compelling evidence that current ochlocracy Bolivian government, led by the leader of the illegal coca crops of the Chapare, CANNOT govern!


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