A Bolivian wins award in Chile for an innovative machine

Laura Alba Quispe reports in Pagina Siete:


A Bolivian wins award in Chile for an innovative machine

Engineer Marco Antonio Quinta created a machine that reduces manufactured steel bars in order to convert them into wire, without using heat.

Screen Shot 2014-12-18 at 7.53.59 AMThe Bolivian engineer Marco Antonio Quinta (31 years) won a contest in Chile for the manufacture of an innovative machine. The device can reduce steel bars to turn them into wire, without subjecting them to heat.

Quinta is an electronic engineer, graduate of the Universidad Mayor de San Andrés (UMSA). Last October [2014], while still a student, participated in the XXII Young Researchers Conference, which was held in Valparaiso, Chile. This activity was driven by the Association of Universities Montevideo Group.

At that meeting, Marco Antonio presented his project: a prototype of a dry steel wire drawing machine. At the contest, also competed 53 projects of students from different public universities in the region. Quinta won the first place in the category of Mechanical Engineering and Production.

The prototype runs on a motor frame and a “drive” of frequencies, which were linked to an industrial process system, called SCADA. Thanks to this procedure the specialist explains the apparatus can be operated remotely.

The device is directed through an external control board and a computer. The software that uses the machine was also produced by Quinta.

How does the machine come from?

In 2011, Marco Antonio did an internship at a factory of nails and wires in El Alto. There he says, was assigned the task of repairing a “third hand” industrial smelter

When faced repair, Marco realized that this device operated by “old controls and manual control.” It was when he realized that it was necessary “to implement an adequate and secure system”.

At first, thought about focusing on the furnace repair for his graduation project. However, seeing the need to operate “safely”, he changed his mind and said his project will be to create a drawing machine.

To assemble the model, the Institute of Applied Electronics at the UMSA, gave this engineer all components and tools to conduct his research. In addition it allowed him to carry out their work in the laboratory at its headquarters.

“Like any electronic engineer, the part of the connections, design and programming I did not feel them complicated; but, the mechanical part was, however, with the help of teachers of my career, I was able to conclude” adds Marco Antonio.

The proposal of the drawing machine was presented to the nail factory owners (it is still under consideration).

“If the owners accept this proposal, the equipment could be assembled according to the required level; but this equipment, despite having imported parts can be repaired and programmed without contact or hire foreign suppliers,” he says.


Engineer Marco Antonio Quinta is a great example of what anyone can do within our limitations on research and formal education. He proves it can be done regardless of the political environment and limited funding.

I welcome Marco Antonio Quinta to The Hall of Bolivian Fame!

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