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How can we manage illegality in today’s Bolivia?

Humberto Vacaflor writes in El Deber:

Manage illegality

Humberto VacaflorThere is an area of the end of year balance, that will probably be bypassed by officers and employees of the Government. It is a balance that would help understand the pride of the Minister of Economy and his covered, concealed or re-covered helpers. Should be called: ‘Managing the illegality’.

• Says José Luis Parada, Finance Secretary of the Governor’s Office of Santa Cruz, the import of used clothing is not a disembowel arcane: enough to ask in Iquique about the name of Bolivian entrepreneurs who buy bales, that then come to Bolivia. Someone manages the business and someone receives the ‘contributions’ of that business in the process.

• The used car importers say they pay, without hesitation, $200 dollars per car in each of the ‘trancas’ [road controls] that are in their way. There are certainly customs rogues who stay with all that money. Please! Is anyone receiving this contribution, within or outside the process … introduction of the goods.

• It is estimated that Peruvian gold re-exporting to the US should have paid about $80 million dollars for the little shipment of 35 tonnes sent between January and September [2014]. They did not pay that amount. Not at all. Someone here also receives the contribution of this illegal enrichment process of one activity.

• To the robbers of production land in Santa Cruz, who are only evicted after talking with the owners, and without the presence of the police. And ask for something in return. They do not leave empty handed. Charge in dollars. For them it is “bolivianization”. This is an illegal activity that goes a long way. And even here the beneficiaries are only the ‘rogues’ assailants and their leaders: someone runs the business.

And I have not even mentioned the ‘mystery’ of the thousands of ‘taques’ [bales] of coca that go to Argentina through half of Bolivia, nor mining robbers or mineral thieves, or ‘illegal’ export of liquid gas (LPG), diesel or gasoline and other beauties of the process. The truth is that the administration of illegality is a sector that helps to understand many things.


This ochlocratic government is clearly responsible for the last nine years of uncontrolled unparalleled growth in governmental corruption, smuggling of goods, precursors for cocaine production, lynching, anarchy and no fair justice administration!

So… how can we manage to get illegality out of the equation? by starting to vote on the Governor’s and Mayor’s elections for someone else other than the MAS, period!