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Masistas brag about our economy being armored… but

Humberto Vacaflor writes in El Diario:

The real armor

Humberto VacaflorThe construction boom that took place in Cochabamba has built so many apartments that most apartment buildings are empty.

If these buildings had been done with money from the bank, this would be a bubble, as it was in the United States.

But the bank arrears is stable, which opens the suspicion that the boom would have been funded with money from the booming economic activity of Bolivia.

But there is a doubt: the calculation of default has been changed. Now, if someone does not pay a fee to the bank, only that market share is counted as arrears. Before, in that case of debt the total of the arrears were accounted for.

It’s like the inflation rate. The calculation system has been modified.

What results is that this government is good because it has very low inflation rates and default. And vice versa: the previous governments were bad because they had very high inflation rates and default.

What could be extended to other things.

My friend Enrique Velazco Reckling, director of the Bolivian Academy of Sciences, asks: “have the reserves of indignation and common sense been exhausted?”.

His question is about allegations he has made about irregularities, the “horrors” of the last general election, and the inability of Bolivian civil society to do anything about it.

He says, for example: “In four of the seven special constituencies (indigenous), the votes cast exceed three times the eligible voters according to the Register”.

According to the records of the elections organized by the “Plurinominal State” in a special constituency of Cochabamba had 7,706 voters but voted 15,480.

In a constituency of Chuquisaca, included are municipalities of La Paz, the wonderful city … and miraculous. And Cochabamba, not so wonderful, but equally miraculous. And Oruro, and Tarija …

In sum, the armor is in the style of counting things. Peruvians are asking these days how is that through Lima passed aircrafts with 35 tons of Peruvian gold, remarked in Bolivia. It was just discovered that eliminating taxes on the “cooperatives”, the miracle of exporting gold produced in other countries is performed.

Everything is an accounting secret. The armor is for accounting. Do not confuse with “accountability” which is justly the opposite.


Crystal clear!