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A possible agenda for the liberal opposition

Javier Paz writes in El Deber:

A possible agenda for the liberal opposition

Javier PazThe next legislature will be controlled by the ruling party. Therefore, we can assume that laws out there will give more power to the state at the expense of the freedom of citizens. Opposition lawmakers, in most cases, have a testimonial role of rejection and protest against the government’s steamroller or support the many useless laws coming out of Congress and like declare that city as the capital of peach.

However, there are areas in which a Liberal congressman can get the support of his socialist colleagues to advance an agenda that benefits the population. The amount of paperwork that is submitted to the citizen, with its uselessness, redundancy and delinquency, is overwhelming. A legislature not to issue more laws than those that facilitate, expedite or better yet, eliminate all that paperwork could both go down in history as one of the best in the country.

For example take the case of roadworthiness vehicle inspection. For this vignette is necessary to go to a bank to queue and then an insufferable waiting in line to the police. Just enough to see the buses in the city center hurling a black smoke darker than night to conclude that the technical inspection is a joke whose sole purpose is to generate revenue for the police. And if one calculates the lost production by thousands of people instead of working and producing have to make such tails in the demoniac oriental sun or terrifying western cold, can only conclude that this issue is a very expensive nonsense. There should not be a Bolivian citizen who opposes this tax be completely eliminated, unless you are a member of the police or government official.

Another example is the need for a memorial to a lawyer to declare that the passport was lost or that one wants to take it to keep valid visas. Why not have printed forms at the Immigration office to serve as affidavits? Such a move would save time the citizen who filed a passport, save the money you have to pay a little lawyer to rename in his Word file, print, sign and seal the document and would require dozens of lawyers to seek a socially useful work.

And so we can follow each division of the state, with every step, with every requirement, with each queue that the State requires us to suffer for us poor citizens.


Great article and ideas! The State should be there to make our lives easier!