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Another “accomplishment” of a ruling party in power for the last ten years…

Erbol reports in El Diario:

According to Ministry of Labour

There are about 80,000 unemployed youth

Screen Shot 2014-12-12 at 8.08.26 AMAmong young Bolivians, between 70-80000 (from 18 to under 25 years old) are unemployed. Usually, they have trouble making a cover letter and even a resume. They also tend to get nervous in job interviews, which limits their access to a labor source, according to the Director of Employment, Ministry of Labor, Roberto Ballesteros.

He said that in general terms, the number of people out of work in Bolivia is between 140,000 and 150,000, ie young unemployed represent a little more than half.

Screen Shot 2014-12-12 at 8.09.22 AMIn relative terms, said that 8.1% of youth is unemployed, while the general indicator of unemployment stands at 3.2%.

He stressed that “many young people have problems to attend a job interview. Have difficulty in preparing their resume and an adequate cover letter to offer their services and the resources they have for office management.” Also, they do not know where to look for work.

“When they go to an interview, they are nervous and generate some doubt on the people who are interviewing them,” he added.

To address these shortcomings, the Ministry launched the Public Employment Service Express, where a person can register providing data on their skills so that  the state tries to place them in a labor source.

Ballesteros said that the Service prepares the young for the interview and introduces them on the rights of workers. To this end there is also a toll free number: 800-10-1044.


The Director of Employment said that young people are subjected to discrimination for their “inexperience” and age. He argued that they access to precarious, low-paid jobs and are assigned to lower-rated positions and their contracts are unstable.

As to the underemployment, Bruno Rojas, researcher at the Center for Labor and Agrarian Development (Cedla), in his presentation: Situation of Youth Employment in Latin America and Bolivia, July 2014 noted that youth employment were contracted with shorter hours than legally stipulated; they represent 25.6%, while those with a “normal job” represent 74%. As for income, those who receive less pay than adequate are 66.1% and the rest do have an appropriate remuneration.

“In general, a situation of high labor underutilization of young people is envisioned,” concluded the scholar.

In addition, Rojas said that “7 out of 10 young people have unstable, temporary or casual jobs.”


Ballesteros revealed that the business sector observed the rigidity of labor law and called for flexibility to facilitate the incorporation of youth and workers.

He said the government will not accept this suggestion because it “violates rights of labor type”. He said that granting this request would involve incomplete contracts and payments hours in the same feature.

He also reported that employers said they would hire many young people, but with training according to their demand. The official explained that this order means establishing agreements with the education sector to guide the training of students in this direction.

In this regard, Rojas recalled a 2011 study in which states that “there is an oversupply of professionals with careers at the undergraduate level and the market demands more technical and non-skilled workers”. Erbol


Who cares about temporary, demagogue bonuses, false promises… or being handed-in a state-owned enterprise, who was probably illegitimately seized property from private owners, where production is already doomed due to incompetence of a populist, ochlocratic government.

A real true government should provide education, health and infrastructure [legal, physical]  so that sustainable, proud, legal employment would take place!

Our youth gets frustrated as they cannot find a good job nor do they have the proper skills to be competitive. Both at home and school need to work on the youngsters’ self-esteem, building on them proper skills to face the world.