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German Ambassador knows better than the masistas!

Erbol reports in Pagina Siete:


Ambassador sees “complicated” to invest in Bolivia

Screen Shot 2014-12-14 at 11.19.16 AMThe German Ambassador to Bolivia, Peter Linder said that investing in the country still is complicated by the lack of regulations to ensure legal certainty to foreign companies.

“The issue of investment is still complicated because the current environment, from a legal point of view, in Bolivia is not yet complete, there are missing rules for the protection of investments (…) to allow German entrepreneurs and potential investors to be assured by law, that allows them to invest, there is a certain gap between expectation and reality,” said the diplomat to ERBOL.

Linder said there is currently “a pause for reflection” on the part of German business until the country has the necessary standards.

“If the rules are not clear, the investor waits or goes to another country,” he said.

The diplomat noted that “money comes only to places where there is little noise, where there is tranquility, where there is legal certainty, that is where investors go and I hope those conditions are created also as soon as possible in Bolivia”.

On April 4 the Investment Promotion Act (Act 516), which replaces the standard of 1990. The standard was enacted to contribute to growth and economic and social development of the country. However, there are still some regulations pending their development.


Crystal clear! Who would come to invest the way the coca-grower masista ochlocratic regime portrays over the last nine years!?

Anarchy rules, narcotraffick and its violent crimes across the nation, smuggling and lack of an independent justice system have been known as the “seal” of this populist, yet despicable political ruling!