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In Bolivia this is not an understatement: “Justice is rotten”

Manfredo Kempff writes in El Deber:

“Justice is rotten”

Manfredo KempffSaid  by the vice president and I support him fully for the first time: “Justice is rotten”. What has not said by the ‘vice’ is that justice is rotten from the moment that the MAS (who would have that idea?) came up with those judicial elections. To choose judges by popular vote they said would be the first global experience and Bolivia pioneering, revolutionary in implementing the law. And indeed, we not only were the first, but the only because there is no state, no one is out of their minds to commit such an atrocity. Given the lack of justice, now people are applying justice by their own hands, i.e. killing, lynching.

Wanted to impose on the bench the “ponchos and polleras” [pollera is the typical skirt that most indigenous and some mestizo women use in Bolivia] instead of knowledge of the laws. And so it happened that in the Plurinational Assembly, the selection of future ‘toga-dressed-people’ was made, focusing more on the color of the clothes and skin so that those characters were then endorsed by popular vote. Beforehand it was known that the candidates belonging to MAS or were related to the ruling party and although the vote null and white won, they [the masistas] swore-in those who had never have been given such responsibilities.

Now the situation is hopeless, the ‘change’ is hardly reversible. If before the judges could serve the interests of two, three or four political parties represented in Congress, now all respond to: the MAS. The ‘togas’ have become part of the executive, although many are already deserting disappointed and humiliated. This is the case of the three members of the Constitutional Court, who were suspended because they did not obey orders of the Government and are being processed. It has come to the end of the ‘vice’ that stated that if the three judges quit their appointments, the trial would conclude without further ado. Holy word.

With this “rotten justice”, there has been made abuses in the country and these indigenous doctos who were rejected by popular vote, are currently causing fear and confusion on all sides. There intimidate and extort because, by having been appointed by the Government, they feel with sufficient authority.

It is what is happening with those jailed for terrorism and separatism, most of them cruceños, all who are victims of the panic that MAS had of Santa Cruz, who found no other way to put together the great intrigue, with crimes including, to silence voices of those not aligned with HE. [His Excellency]