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Nuclear? Environmentalists suggest other energy sources for Bolivia

ANF reports in El Diario:

Recommend dismiss nuclear energy

Environmentalists suggest other energy sources in the country

Screen Shot 2014-12-20 at 8.42.17 AMThe vice president of the Bolivian Forum on Environment and Development (Fobomade), Patricia Molina, considered unnecessary to build a nuclear reactor to implement it for energy purposes, considering that Bolivia has other options for generating clean energy that supports the current needs of the country.

The representative of Fobomade notes that this type of energy centers (nuclear power plants) are “unsafe” by the high level of radiation that cause and that the most likely place would be the Lake Titicaca, because a nuclear reactor generates high temperatures and requires large amounts of water for its cooling process.

The expert explained that in Bolivia “there are many other methods to generate energy,” which currently underpins the basic needs of the country, such as hydroelectric plant Zongo, northwest of the city of La Paz and plant Miguillas River, Inquisivi province, also in the department of La Paz, which provide enough power for the city.

“Countries like France or Italy which depends more than 90% of atomic energy, are countries that do not have other ways of generating power, then are forced to use nuclear energy (??) countries like Japan which has no other forms to generate energy bet big on nuclear power, this is not our case, we have enough gas and oil to generate energy and also have much hydroelectric potential, we have important places like Zongo or Miguillas, which are small places where hydropower is created which can meet all our needs, “said Molina.

Last August, the vice president of the State, Álvaro García Linera said that the country must face the challenge of “getting out of the cave” and focus on the use of atomic energy, since the energy generated in the nuclear reactor will be principally the sales of electricity to countries in the region.

“We have no energy deficit, what the Vice President says is to sell to others, to make a powerhouse, now we do not even have the conditions to sell hydropower because we do not even pay taxes, now we are going to become energy traders at a cost so high so putting insecurity for people, when all nuclear power plants are completely unsafe, “said the vice president for Fobomade.


Delusions of grandeur are a permanent state-of-mind of this sorry masistas… Bolivia does not need nuclear energy, period!

Personally, and based on working experience, I think Fobomade is too radical and lacks objectivity. Most of its followers are like watermelons… green on the outside but red on the inside. They should internalize, as well as all the socialists out there, what Galeano said this year.

However, this time Fobomade is right in their analysis, so I congratulate them for speaking out. I just hope that some of their followers can talk with the socialist/populists inside the government and make them come to their senses…