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Bolivian Politics 101: Failed socialism is a hundred years old

Luis Antezana writes in El Diario:

Failed socialism is a hundred years old

Luis AntezanaThe history of failed socialism has numerous details and a long history that must be taken into account in the observation and analysis of Bolivian politics. This study may be valuable for orientation amid the vicissitudes of this ideology in the course of its existence in the country.

Socialist proposals in Bolivia appeared around 1930 from the political activity of groups announcing that soon its doctrine would succeed, the country would come out of its backwardness and longer dependency on the economic powers of the great tin mining and feudal landlords. That initial struggle ended when the Socialists toppled a progressive government and returned power to the mining and landowning oligarchy (1930).

Another socialist attempt came after the Chaco War, when a military group took the government, proclaimed the “state socialism” and caused great popular enthusiasm. However, what made this “socialism” was to consolidate the old way of slavery and feudalism in the Bolivian economy and when discovered in its demagogic deals, remained quiet, to leave power in the hands of the oligarchy.

They did not give up “socialist” attempts and early ’40s was born a party of revolutionary left who proclaimed Marxist-Leninist and a little while of starting, in 1946, destroyed and expelled from the Government to a progressive movement. But the struggle of these “socialist” served to return the government to the “thread”, with which they co-governed, and later to be expelled from the comfortable ministerial and parliamentary halls where they had positioned themselves to go after the displaced progressive group.

Attempts by the “socialist” resumed with greater vigor in the second half of the twentieth century with “communist,” “Trotskyites”, “Maoists”, “revolutionary left” of the Socialist International for Latin America and “left” parties of all kinds repeated and verse teachings of previous “left”, ie oppose and overthrow progressive groups, handing over power to the conservative right forces, involved in government coups and then be subjected to dark persecution. What is remarkable about these attitudes is that, after putting the right in power, said they had nothing to do.

After nearly a century of socialist predicament, to date, the Bolivian people, deceived many times, notes that the same false “socialists” tactics of the last century are repeated now. Spoke left discourse and then goes to the right, with great fanfare socialism is proclaimed, but in practice it goes back to feudalism and even backs off until the time of the ayllu and to further lower levels and all by way of “socialism,” “Marxism-Leninism” and similar niceties, socio-political phenomenon that can be seen as a never ending vicious circle.


I agree fully with the author, current coca grower leader is nothing but a demagogue caudillo, arrogant who persists on political persecution, having over 600 Bolivians fled the country for lack of an impartial justice system. This government has sprouted anarchy, smuggling and narcotraffick… so that the “new-rich” can embrace the oligarch way-of-life…