Five years from ignoring who caused death in Porvenir, Pando

Estefany Claros reports for El Dia:

The process remains stalled

Porvenir, five years without knowing the truth

Pando. The opposition says that the Government has the former Prefect Leopoldo Fernández as a trophy.

2013-09-11 08.52.12 amToday [9/11/13] marks five years of the Porvenir massacre, unless you know for sure who were the instigators of the confrontation between peasants and separatists that left 13 dead. Since then, there are about 125 refugees in Brasileia, on the other side of the border. They fled to the neighboring country fearful that there is a fair process to determine those responsible.

The so-called “massacre of Porvenir” led to the arrest of the former Prefect of this Department, Leopoldo Fernández, who meets house arrest for six months and after spending more than four years with pre-trial detention in San Pedro and Chonchocoro jails in La Paz.

Critical. For the opposition the “Porvenir massacre” was planned by the Government, to destabilize Fernandez and the opposition.

Pando Departmental Assemblyman, of the Consenso Popular group, Aurelio Valenzuela, believes that the Government holds Leopoldo Fernández, as a “political trophy”. “We still have the hope that next year, this episode drama for the national conscience is sealed”, said Ramón Minister Juan Quintana, who repeatedly blamed Leopoldo of the facts.,-cinco-anos-sin-saber-la-verdad&cat=1&pla=3&id_articulo=126848

Like what happened with the Rozsa case, it is taking too long to discover who were the master minds of those atrocities!

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