and… Karachipampa plant only worked three weeks… so much for current Bolivian central gov efficiency?!

If we look at current government’s successes… we get tired by looking and frustration comes along… whatever this gov engages in, aside of being in perpetual electoral campaign, nothing seems to work for the socialism of the 21st century…

Radio Fides reports in

Karachipampa plant only worked three weeks

2013-03-27 07.44.37 amRADIO FIDES- A geologist and member of the former Committee on preservation of the Potosi Cerro Rico, Armando Zambrana told Radio FIDES that Karachipampa metallurgical plant ran only for three weeks after the acts of reopening that held the national Government in January [2013], with the presence of President Evo Morales.

“What we have seen is that since the oven has ignited by President, the plant has worked for three weeks,” said the expert, who joins potosino residents who wonder when it will truly work Karachipampa or when will [they ever] see the first silver bullion processed on-site.

President Morales kicked last January 3rd, the operations of the metallurgical plant of Karachipampa, after 28 years of inactivity, lighting the oven ‘Kivcet’, which should allow to process 51,000 tons of lead and silver concentrates per year. However, the plant does not seem to give results.

“We have seen that it was opened by the President in January, the flame was lit but unfortunately we have seen that technicians have burned the oven, because it turns out that they had to raise the temperature gradually and they have gotten natural gas to engage very fast, so it has been burned, they have replaced it, they should already had to be re-inaugurating it but we have seen that conflicts with the cooperatives, the Ministry of Mines and the COMIBOL, and can not re-inaugurate Karachipampa plant”, Zambrana said.

The expert also said that due to the lack of strategic partners, the plant may not be profitable, and that the quality of the purchased silver would pollute the environment. [enough with demagogue and lets see competent people assess/operate this soviet technology… current gov’s attempts to make socialism work… is just a waste of time and resources!]

“Unfortunately it wouldn’t be profitable to start-up Karachipampa metallurgy plant, since the Government would have to subsidize because it has no strategic partners. More than 50 million dollars have been made available for buying loads of concentrates from San Cristobal company, where silver load has arrived but with low sterling silver content, it is therefore, aside of not functioning, if it is able to function would strongly contaminate the city”, said.

Nevertheless, considers that Government authorities must work for the operations of the plant with the ability to close deals with strategic partners [how to convince foreign investment and/or ventures if current government’s signals the opposite?!] before incurring the waste of economic resources and move away from the failure so far characterized by government entities who are mining projects in the country, “if we compare this project with the Mutun project, we notice that authorities such as the COMIBOL, the Ministry who are in charge of them are failing and if this continues, they should be changed and not reward them”, considered.

According to the Mining Corporation of Bolivia (COMIBOL), the complex should generate resources to be sustain all its operations, starting in July [2013] and produce minerals with value added, including lead and metallic silver with purity of 99.9 percent, in contrast to the statements made by Zambrana. Moreover, Radio FIDES Potosi, visited some weeks ago Karachipampa metallurgical plant to find out its performance, but access was prevented.

Current Bolivian president is more interested on giving away ponchos and Bolivian official recognition/awards to soccer players that come to play against us… those are his priorities and it appears that whatever he touches does just not work… to our expense and waste of precious time and revenues of the temporary international high prices on our commodities… what a waste of time!

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