Daily Archives: March 16, 2013

Current Bolivian presidential priorities…

Bolivia continues to face lack of investment on sustainable projects, lack of public safety, lack of coherent employment and empowerment structures. Instead corruption, narco trafficking and egocentrism rules the actions of current Bolivian president… Let alone his relentless desire to continue holding power in a third-unconstitutional consecutive term.

ego El Diario 15 Mar 13The cartoon is from El Diario, March 15, 2013 which clearly illustrates this:

After a long boondoggle, Caracas, Vienna, Paris and others… current president who likes to travel for whatever purpose… arrives to his office and there are waiting for him a huge number of conflicts. Such as strikes, blockades and the civic committee from Oruro which are still demanding to maintain the name of the Juan Mendoza at their airport… instead of the egocentric name which is, by the way, also forbidden in an earlier law/decree which states that no name of a public building could be given to a living person…

To compare the name of our hero with current president is frankly OUTRAGEOUS!!!

Las night, El Deber’s website published this: http://www.eldeber.com.bo/la-oposicion-critica-viajes-del-presidente/130314232614 and I say it is not only the opposition that questions this irresponsible behavior! ALL Bolivians who are proud of their own work and live paying taxes and obeying the laws are questioning!!!