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La Merced catholic church robbed in Potosi

As I said in an earlier post, Bolivia’s going downhill, no employment generation, anarchy growing all over, narcotraffick are triggering theft and crime, this time the beautiful La Merced Church suffered a robbery…

From El Potosi newspaper and printed in Los Tiempos:


Stolen jewels of La Merced in Potosi, the largest religious spoils of the country

2013-03-18 09.08.14 amUnidentified criminals have taken during the early hours of Saturday, jewels of the Virgin de la Merced (valued at more than half a million dollars), using a grinder to cut the base of the old chest in which they were saved.

The thieves entered the temple breaking locks of the gates, came to the sacristy, opened the wardrobe closet and found the chest in the basement.

Forged steel chest has 12 locks, as well as seven keys held by the pastor, the steward and the deputy steward, without which it was impossible to open it.

The steward, Daniel Oropeza Alba, explained that the act was committed by at least five people who are which would have needed to remove the chest.

He noted that the robbers had to be inside the temple for at least three hours because, apart from remove the chest and cut its base, they dismantled silver objects from the arc that accompanies the Virgin in processions.

According to 2008 inventory carried out by the Ministry of Education and Culture, the Vice-Ministry of Culture and the National Unity of Museums Cataloging, among the gems was an earring of gold with precious stones, a couple of caravans of gold with emeralds and diamonds, a scapular of gold and silver with precious stones, a Crown of gold with inlays of diamonds with a world and a cross on top.

In addition, in the chest were rings, earrings, bracelets, belt, as well as loose pearls, and because of that, it is the greatest religious treasure that was stolen across the country.


I haven’t heard this on other national news, our media is more involved with the electoral campaign of current president who wants to run again! news over what happens in Venezuela, that we could care less! and the relentless intention of president’s acolytes to change the name of the Oruro airport! Crime is taking over our heritage and our police takes more time on riots and blockades in streets and roads! It is time we have a different, independent police force to tackle robberies of this nature!