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Bolivia, unfortunately is currently considered as a country with high political risk for investment

And this is how Bolivia is viewed by most of the world out there…

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For AON’s direct link to the map findings study, please click here

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Bolivia ranks:

2013-03-22 09.24.49 amVERY HIGH under Political Interference Risk

HIGH under Legal and Regulatory Risk

HIGH under Supply Chain Disruption Risk

MEDIUM HIGH under Political Violence Risk

MEDIUM under Sovereign Non Payment Risk

MEDIUM LOW under Exchange Transfer Risk

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From Radio Fides and published in hoybolivia.com:

Bolivia is a country with high political risk for investment

Radio Fides. – Bolivia is among the three South American nations considered to be a “high political risk” for investment, along with Argentina and Ecuador.

AON, the analyst firm published this Thursday the Political Risk Map 2013, that measured in 163 countries worldwide the risk levels for business and foreign investment.

The map is used by multinational companies to see which are the countries where there is more risk to invest, AON measures levels of risk resulting from the transfer of foreign currency, legal and regulatory risks and political interference (government intervention ).

The analysis also includes political violence (strikes, riots), the sovereign debt default or disruption of the supply chain of production, this due to interference of social, economic and political factors.

In the rest of South America, Venezuela is the worst to be the only country with a “very high risk” for investment, Paraguay has a “high-medium risk.” Colombia and Peru are countries with “medium risk”, while Brazil and Uruguay are countries considered “low risk”.

Bolivia continued in 2012 and early 2013 its policy of nationalization of foreign companies, since May [2012] there were three Spanish companies which suffered the reversal shares of its subsidiaries, and from the government itself, announced that while non-compliance continue there will be nationalizations.


Current booming mirage we experience with high prices on our commodities is not being properly handled, our citizens deserve better, current governmental actions are just useless!