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Bolivia: An alliance between scientific and ancient knowledge for production

Pagina Siete reports on an extremely important issue which basically boils down to: lets not reinvent the wheel… without losing competitiveness and better protection of our environment and health.

A scientific and ancient knowledge alliance for production

2013-03-08 06.53.33 pmSmall farmers who practice farming have consolidated a strategic alliance with the National Institute of agricultural innovation and forestry (INIAF), with the aim of establishing coordination mechanisms on activities of scientific, participatory research, management knowledge and technological innovations that improve the productivity and quality of agricultural and forestry services.

The Alliance included the participation of producers from different sectors, representatives of social organizations, institutions of development and Deputy Minister of Rural development and land, Víctor Hugo Vásquez, who stressed the importance to preserve the ancestral practices to achieve a healthy and sustainable food production for the Bolivian population.

“We’re forgetting many ancestral agricultural practice and that worries us. That is why, through the INIAF, we want to retrieve these practices and combine them with the scientific knowledge to the generation of productive innovation from production to commercialization”, he said.

The director of the Institute, Lucio Tito, said that the Convention intends to establish mechanisms of coordination in technological innovations that allow the production increase, through scientific and participatory research, innovation, technical assistance, generation and production processes of seed quality and dissemination of knowledge, knowledge and technology, with priority to safety and food sovereignty.

The INIAF has 1.2 million dollars and 360 technicians to work on the issue of ancestral knowledge and appreciation of local knowledge. The President of the Economic Integration Committee of the Peasant Organizations from Bolivia, Carlos Leon, said that the organizations will continue with their contribution to the country.