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Bolivian Environment 101: WOW!!!

I’ve worked with FAN in the past and certainly keeps up its prestige and expertise, kudos to them! Current Executive Director, Humberto Gomez writes for La Razon:


Mankind is ‘consuming’ a planet and a half. In other words, we are living of lent

2013-03-12 08.24.45 amRecently, I read a note on the efforts of the Government of Ecuador to position that country as a “megadiverse” country. In other words, as one of the countries with the greatest biodiversity in the world.

This left me thinking that the State should also made those efforts to achieve such positioning, with the same zeal with which is positioned to quinoa or coca, being after all only a couple of species of the enormous wealth that Bolivia has as part of its natural heritage. And it is, still knowing little about our biodiversity, we can say that we are among the countries most biodiverse in the world. [we only lack sea coast, which was taken away from us, by force]

2013-03-12 08.22.58 amBolivia represents only 0.7% of the land surface of the planet, and in this space houses, for example, only 10% of all known birds and 7% of all known mammals. With respect to the United States of America, we represent only 10% of its surface, and still have more birds, more ferns, more beetles than they; all of this knowing a fraction only of what it represents to have a natural heritage so rich in biodiversity.

This enormous wealth is a guarantee of stability and security in a world that lives under a global environmental crisis. Recent studies have shown that, as humanity, since the last decade, we are “consuming” one and a half planets earth. In other words, we are living of lent.

The pace with which we consume resources and the land recycling our waste has already exceeded its own production capacity and absorption; however, sites with greater biological diversity could “withstand” or adapt better to the changes brought about by this impact that is imminent.

The maintenance of the greatly diverse character in our country, the maintenance of our natural heritage, should have the same strategic nature than other natural resources, as that maintenance lies in our security for the coming times of change, real change times, times of change against which we can do little now. Only the “cushion” that biodiversity offers us can “cushion” the blow.