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Chavez´s legacy and its negative impact on Bolivian life

Humberto Vacaflor´s analysis in El Deber:

Chavez’s legacy

Humberto VacaflorDon’t need to wait long to know what Hugo Chávez will leave to his country when he has passed into history. A few minutes before the announcement of the deterioration of the health of the President, Caracas suffered a three-hour blackout. Government officials admitted that the electric energy crisis does not have a solution that has been planned. The food sector hardly covers 35% of the demand, with a tendency to be reduced. Never before in the history of the “saudi” Venezuela, there had been a fiscal deficit with such a high price of oil as it occurs now.

The IMF announced that it had acted to review the situation of Venezuela with its own figures because that country does not send data over the last four years ago. It is the same treatment that applies to Somalia, the famous failed state of the African Horn, an official from the Credite Suisse, said that the recent devaluation of the bolivar [Venezuela currency] was not enough and that since that time, no one makes decisions in the Venezuelan Government: there is an economic paralysis. Pdvsa financial debt has grown from 17 billion to 40 billion dollars in the past five years, while its production and its exports are still going down.

But perhaps is not appropriate to only criticize Chavez for this style. The widow Lady Cristina Kirchner is doing the same thing from the Presidency of Argentina. At the end, it seems that this ‘socialism of the 21st century’ was only a mirage, an optical illusion. It seems that these gentlemen and ladies, ruled but in reality they only act for the Tribune, they travel everywhere to deliver, as if they were things taken from their own pantries, works that have been funded with money from the State. As a curse, the exporting products from their poor countries, simple raw materials, have had an unprecedented price increase, which gives the possibility of spending lavishly by these actors