Daily Archives: March 22, 2013

Bolivia will protect its writers!!

A good piece of news, our writers will be protected and reading encouraged!

From El Deber:

Deputies approved the book draft law

The [Lower] Chamber [of the National Assembly, former Congress] decided to support unanimously. The law that will be enacted in April, expected on the 23rd, day of the book.

2013-03-21 08.31.48 amThe Chamber of Deputies approved in “large-scale” and unanimously the draft Law of the Book and Reading Oscar Alfaro. As envisaged, the standard will have a zero value-added tax rate and to the tax on transactions in trade in imported and domestic books.

It will also create the Book Fund, which, coordinated by the ministries of Culture and Tourism with Education, it will provide annual resources for production and editing of bibliographic material. In addition, it will create the Book Committee and Book and Reading Promotion, in charge of the Bolivian Book Chamber and representatives of the governorates, allowing each municipal district of the country to have a public library. The Minister of Culture, Pablo Groux, said yesterday that the draft seeks to give young people and children the opportunity to exercise the right to reading and writing as the Constitution and Avelino Siñani and Autonomy Laws provide.


I’m experiencing the audio-books for sometime now and it is also refreshing. Lecture is a good route to attack poverty levels in our beautiful country. Just remember that April 23rd is Book Day!