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Bolivian debt is over four billion dollars and rising…

I just read in FB that current Bolivian president was donating $1MM to Argentina, for a Juana Azurduy de Padilla statue (not that is wrong to honor her legacy but the way she and other Bolivian heroes get manipulated by current government, who is in electoral campaign, after the votes of the Bolivians residing in Argentina), takes long trips to Venezuela, Cuba for whatever excuse possible… all with OUR money, it is not for him to give away as if it would be his own!!!

We still don’t know the exact amount of the loan/grant money that was given away by Chavez’ Venezuela. Funds are used discretionary with no control, and worst of all, there are no real/practical economic policies to boost employment, secure investment and become more competitive…

Ivan Zambrano reports in La Prensa:

The debt is US $ 4,220.1 MM

2013-03-23 10.16.23 amThe CAF – Latin America development bank is the main creditor of the country.

A report issued by the Central Bank of Bolivia (BCB) determines that the public external debt of Bolivia’s short, medium and long-term, until February, amounted to $4,220.1 million dollars. The report reveals that the largest multilateral creditor is the Corporación Andina de Fomento (CAF), while China is the largest bilateral creditor.

Multilateral debt. Multilateral creditors dominate the 71.8 per cent of the external debt; the bilateral, 16.2 percent, and private, 11.8 percent.

In the first group, CAF-Development Bank of Latin American boasts the largest investment credit to the country with 35.7 per cent of the total external Bolivian public debt, amounting to $1,504.7 million dollars in real terms.

In second place in the table of creditors figure the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) with $933.4 million, which represents a 22.1 percent, followed by the World Bank (WB) with $441 million dollars, i.e. the 10.5 per cent, among the most prominent.

China, at the top. Around the external bilateral financial commitments acquired by Bolivia, China is located in the first place with $323.5 million dollars, and pushing back Venezuela, country to which Bolivia owes to date $166 million dollars, amount greater than the December 2012, when it was $159.8 million dollars.

After Venezuela is Brazil, which disbursed credits to the country by $93 million; Germany, $55.2 million; South Korea, $21 million; Spain, $15.7 million dollars; France, $7.8 million dollars; Argentina, $5.2 million dollars, and Italy, $4.4 million.

Also, according to the data of the report of the issuing entity, CAF stands out with the highest rate of interest and commissions, item in which the country pays to this international agency the 4.6 percent, while the World Bank charges an interest rate of 1.4 per cent and the IDB, only 1 per cent. [and yet this government is issuing bonds, promising to pay high interest rates, while there is these other better alternatives!!]

The domestic debt. Until November 2012, Bolivia maintained a domestic $4,310 million dollars, $286 million less debt than the $4,596 million reported in 2011.

The report of the issuing entity explains that decrease by the growth of the use of the national currency in credit transactions.

Short-term external debt is the debt in the medium and long term, of 99.8 percent and 0.2 percent.

$4,198 million dollars was the debt of Bolivia in 2012, while in 2005 the debt came to $4,596 million dollars.

“We are working with people in France, Germany and United States. Túpac Katari satellite will be launched in China on December 20, in a launch Center in Jiuquan, which specializes in geo-stationed satellites”.

Iván Zambrana / Director of the Bolivian Space Agency (ABE)