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Bolivian politics: Smear Campaign

Carlos Cordero´s analysis of Bolivian politics, from El Deber:

Smear campaign

Carlos CorderoThe Government campaign to try to retain power after the elections of 2014 has intensified, but it is also stumbling with new and old problems.

The President of the State has ratified that it is in campaign for the second re-election for a third term of Government, but a couple of days later urged his adherents to not talk of that. Related organizations to the Party Government received with enthusiasm the first announcement and quickly gathered in Congress to define the lines of his campaign strategy and did turn a deaf ear to the second order. Rather continued proclamations and Government spokesmen resorted to legal juggling to explain what specifically prohibits the current Constitution, a third candidacy of President Morales.

The electoral political scene, in which the ruling party had a relative advantage, has disfigured by events that are beyond its control. The first of these is the indignation and rejection of Oruro citizenship to the change of name of the airport of the region. A departmental strike, mass protests and a hunger strike by civic leaders portray citizens who are upset by the attempts of officers who handle, and forget the history. Although the subject seems irrelevant against the hype around three Bolivian soldiers lost in a confusing border incident [with Chile], the attempt of Oruro´s departmental assemblymen to delete Juan Mendoza from our history, is stripping a Government that prefers to ignore the class-action lawsuit rather than give up and ratify the name of the old hero, to prevent a further deterioration of the image of the Government.

The last event that sowing doubts about the honesty of the Government is the recording leaving very bad standing to the Prosecutor who directs the proceedings on terrorism and separatism. While these recordings have been validated implausible and as part of a targeted campaign to discredit Government authorities, these allegations further impair the confidence of the citizen with regard to their authorities. Above all, after the supposed dismantling of the network of senior government officials linked to acts of corruption, influence peddling and use of mechanisms of Justice to pursue and disqualify citizens who make criticisms to the Government.