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Bolivian governmental corruption: when the s#it hits the fan… and/or audios become available…

Bolivia and the world watches the corruption spectacle that current government is immersed in… Pagina Siete reports the latest in the zaga of those who relentlessly want to run for re-re-election…

The recording will be delivered to the Prosecutor’s Office and the Vice President

Alleged “Prosecutor Soza” audio links authorities network

2013-03-08 07.02.23 pmThe representative of the public prosecutor’s Office says that the tip of the ball of the extortion case was a link from the brother of the Vice President in a case of drug trafficking.

Yesterday, the opposition Senator Carmen Eva Gonzales, presented an audio in which supposedly Prosecutor Marcelo Soza holds a conversation with an unidentified person and reveals several data on the cases of extortion, terrorism and other networks.

The Government still had no opinion regarding this recording and parliamentarians of the MAS considered that it is a new opposition strategy to damage the “process of change”.

In the audio you hear say that Raúl García Linera, the Vice President’s brother, is involved in drug trafficking and that, will cause the fall of Álvaro García Linera.

“Six months ago more or less, he had traveled abroad and had been seized with drugs, the (US) Embassy. They had seized him with drugs and in order not to raise hell, beach, the DEA, the American Embassy, has him by the neck. “That is why this shit (the extortion case) came out, then because of it, they have pressured him”.

The person that speaks with the alleged prosecutor, can not be identified because the audio is digitally modified; this would have been the one who recorded the conversation that came at the hands of Sen. Gonzales, who said that she will send this material to the judicial authorities and to Vice President García Linera.

On the recording is heard to say that “Sacha (Llorenti) knew of this matter”, and “I told Juan Ramon (Quintana)” and “President”. The audio is heard in addition, some details of the case Terrorism I, among them Luis Clavijo, intervene in this case, government official had put a few “business in the theme of the raids.

“If this case falls, brother, Evo falls “, is heard in the so-called voice of Soza at a time of his explanation.

In this regard, the Deputy of the MAS, Carlos Aparicio said that this audio is only intended to discredit the Government. The pro-Government Senator Rina Aguirre also said that evidence should be presented. [sure… like this government who sent to prison dozens of individuals without presenting any proofs!]

Soza mentions the former lawyer of the Government Ministry, Denis Rodas, arrested on the case of extortion alongside with other former officials. He also refers to an internal struggle.

“There is conflict of interest, of Boris, of Denis, in his statement Wilfredo Chávez says that he wanted to fire Boris and Nardi Suxo told him not to.” Is in the same group, the Nardi Suxo, is Vice President, thus Raúl García Linera, who is tied with Clavijo, with him operating in several things, therefore with Subirana (also); Subirana doing his business, seems that they passed to the Vice President and I don’t know what other shit,”says Soza.