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Current Bolivian government neglects to “listen to the people”, this time the mining sector!

An important public policy for our country, such as the Mining Code is not handled properly by current central government…

El Diario reports:

Industry fears a future surprise of the ruling

Government is working on new mining code without consultation with interested parties

• Bolivia is considered a country of “a small size” in the sector, but despite this, the contribution to GDP amounts to 6% and represents 37% of national exports.

2013-03-11 08.37.40 amYesterday, the small national private mining sector, expressed their fears for an “early treatment and approval” of the future mining code which, today, would be in the hands of a Government Commission that works without prior consultation and less consensus of the sectors concerned in recovering its importance as a strategic economy factor and that, at the international level, its dimension is considered as “reduced size”.

The future mining code, apparently, under preparation at the hands of a Government Commission, does not have the participation of the private sector and cooperatives in the tasks of exploration, exploitation and refining of minerals. There is the fear that, from one moment to another, “it appears in analysis, treatment and project approval” at the core of the Legislative Assembly, without prior consultation with the productive sectors, as it has happened with some other documents.

Reminded that the mining sector has significant historical and economical transcendence, it is known for its strategic value in an international context, but the current circumstances placed mining in situations of minimal importance, even though it represents 37% of national exports.

According to specialists, Dionisio Garzón and Henry Oporto, mining in Bolivia is reduced to a minimum with a small handful of State-owned enterprises of dubious viability, many co-ops that survive through informal and irrational exploitation of deposits of different size. [the latter destroying the environment without any remorse whatsoever, along with those sites that were illegally taking over by force…]

Keeping these circumstances, would be prolonging the stagnation that is now, as well as a cause to decline in the medium term, therefore, it is necessary that the Government will facilitate the participation of all sectors in the formulation of the project, not to lose the opportunity to push towards a context of greater mining demand and take advantage of [current, for how long??] high prices.

Both specialists believe that it is important to define where is going the mining in Bolivia, since their contribution to the economy, with 37% of national exports that facilitate their participation in the gross domestic product (GDP) from 6%, with more than 100,000 direct jobs created by the industry, without the involvement of the Government is still significant.

Bolivia is in the last position of the box addressed to mining investment, specifically, for exploration, with $1.1 billion [dollars], announced by the Government. Two factors prevent the private sector to improve the site in which the country finds itself: the adverse climate created by the taking of mines or assault on international private companies and the lack of legal certainty.


COME ON central government!!!! DO YOUR JOB and stop your perpetual electoral and expensive campaign! DO YOUR JOB!!!!