CIDOB sends Indigenous Commission to Rio + 20 Summit in Brazil

A TIPNIS UPDATE from ANF in El Deber; Rodrigo Urzagasti photograph:

The Confederation of indigenous peoples of Bolivia (CIDOB) sent a delegation of indigenous people to the city of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil so that they can submit to the Río+20 Summit to denounce the “violation” of their rights and the intervention of the police suffered on September 25, [2011].

“The official delegation already travelled, had been appointed to be the Vice President of the CIDOB, Nelly Romero, a representative of the Cenamip, the Secretary of climate change, Maria Saravia, a technician, is also Lucius Ayala, Aniceto Ayala and brothers of CONAMAQ (National Council of Ayllus and Markas of Qullasusyu),” reported the President of Cidob, Adolfo Chávez to Red Uno.

The President of the sub-central Sécure, Fernando Vargas, announced that the complaint they take to the Summit of Río+20 is the same that they made to the Secretary General of the OAS, José Miguel Insulza,  when he was in Cochabamba on the occasion of the Assembly of this organization.

“As we have brought this complaint to the Assembly of American States, we are also carrying it to Río+20 so that the world knows how is this Government, how this Government violates the rights, how they abused [us] physically, morally and psychologically”, he said.

In early June, a group of leaders of the 9th March met Insulza to present him a series of complaints against the Government, abuses to members of the 8th March. The regional body [OAS] also met with leaders of the indigenous Council of the South (Conisur), sector that supports the construction of the Villa Tunari – San Ignacio de Moxos through the Park Road.

The Summit of Río+20 will be carried out in the city of Rio de Janeiro from next June 20 to 22. The meeting will be composed of Member countries of the Organization of United Nations (UN) to discuss sustainable development.

The protest-walk group is getting closer to La Paz city. So people in La Paz, please remember that such resolve must be met with greater affection and support than last year’s. As for the rest if us, we will continue to monitor their progress and report worldwide their struggle against current Bolivian government and illegal coca growers.

We all agree that there is need for a road between Beni and Cochabamba; however none of us wants it to go through the TIPNIS indigenous territory and OUR National Park!

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