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TIPNIS Indigenous March announced to arrive La Paz city on Wednesday

The brave protest-walk composed of TIPNIS, CIDOB, CONAMAQ and other Bolivians, is closer to their goal. They wisely decided not to enter La Paz city earlier than Wednesday. Current government’s lack of negotiation skills has caused Bolivia great distress with the police mutiny. The marchers do not want to be involved around that issue.

ANF reports in El Deber:

The 9th March of indigenous territory and Isiboro Secure National Park (TIPNIS) will not enter this Tuesday to the city of La Paz, on the contrary, they invited the President Evo Morales to go down to the Urujara road site control to install dialog, otherwise, they will resume their trek to the La Paz city on Wednesday.

That was the determination of the leadership of the 9th March that arises as a result of the alleged “TIPNIS Plan” denounced by Vice President Álvaro García Linera and that would be an alliance between Indigenous people and police to destabilize the Government.

“Tomorrow (Tuesday) we will not leave because we are inviting the President to come down to Urujara so do not confuse and for once get out of the mind that we have a TIPNIS Plan, I think that Tipnis Plan does have the Government itself ready”, announced the Chairman of sub-central Tipnis, Fernando Vargas to the ANF.

That line stated that if the President does not present at Urujara, on Wednesday, at 8:00 in the morning, they resume their way to the city of La Paz, where they plan not to enter the Murillo square, because that place is cornered by the policemen who are mutineers since last Thursday. “They are two different things, the indigenous March has its own platform, now that there is a problem of the policemen, the Government to solve it, or cannot be the same one theme with the other, therefore, precisely for this reason, to deny his ministers are saying that there is a partnership, it is that we are not going to tomorrow (Tuesday)”, explained the official.

He specified that the TIPNIS march, will be installed once inside of the city of La Paz, in plaza San Francisco, where they hope to have a dialogue with the Government to resolve the demands of its platform. The indigenous 9th March departed Monday from the town of Pongo at 9:00 and averaging 17:00 arrived in the vicinity of Urujara road control site. The column of more than a thousand members was the penultimate stage halfway through the most difficult stretch, the summit [highest point] located more than 4,000 meters above sea level.

Several marchers had to be evacuated in vehicles because suffered the inclemencies of the weather and the effects of the height, mainly women and children. Indigenous people showed spirit in their journey, and also highlighted black wreaths in the different flags of indigenous organizations, that resemble the two marchers that died in a traffic accident: Silvia Cunay and Alejandro Cayuba.

Also, a group of citizens provided solidarity with the marchers providing food and coca tea. When the night came, the indigenous people installed camp meters from the Los Yungas of La Paz road control site and opted to combat low temperatures in the area with fire pit. According to forecasts, temperatures below freezing may register during the early morning hours. The Assembly of La Paz citizens decided to perform a human cord, around the indigenous people to avoid hindering and eventually attempts to discourage their progress, reported the President of the Federation of neighborhoods of La Paz, Arturo Quispe, that protection is planned for when the March arrives in the city of La Paz.