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Six days with Bolivian police under mutiny… an agreement reached early today

The sergeants and police guards along with their wives continued to exert instability across Bolivia until early today. They wanted higher pay, similar to those of the military. Current government has finally accepted to give Bs100 to the salary and Bs200 as a bonus. Here, how it happened as illustrated in cartoons, humor reflects our ordeal:

This is from El Dia, June 22, 2012:

Two police guards in the middle watch two cars with dollar emissions, one belongs to the police officers and the other to the coca growers…

They believe they are under paid and request same salary levels as the military.

The mutiny went as far as affecting the normal private banking service. Some closed and others do with serious limitations in their ability to serve their customers properly, as the police force let the banking system unattended.

This is from El Diario, June 23, 2012:

Two Assembly [former Congress] people talking:

“..the difference in the salaries of the police is not much. A general earns the same as the troop!..”

“..of course!.. the same!.. but as ALL of the troop”..!”

In day 5th and 6th of the mutiny, some police officers began to express their ‘solidarity’ of the petition of the sergeants and troop, in the national media.

This is from El Diario, June 24, 2012:

One policeman talking to his Commander “..is from the municipality, they come to collect the ‘fines’ for lighting fires with police documentation, the day before ‘San Juan'”

San Juan is the night where people used to light fires, burn old stuff which polluted the air and there have been campaigns to limit such festivity. Well, in this case, it is an allusion to a number of police rioters who took control of some installations nationwide and went ahead and burned documents, as a way to express their protest and also to show they were in control of those installations.

This is from El Diario, June 26, 2012:

while there is a crowd of angry policemen, shouting salaries to be leveled-up, and to nullify Law 101; current president looks from the door in disbelief and worrisome behavior… while one of the pigeons who live in the Murillo Plaza says:

“how about that?.. now the guards are the ones who do let the owner out..!”

Many government officials have been finger-pointing to the usual suspects… the TIPNIS marchers, the capitalists and of course the American Embassy as the guilty ones who seek to stage a coup d ‘ état … Nothing more ridiculous and exaggerated to distract public opinion from real issues. The police riot is mainly a request for better pay, not political nor wanting to overthrow current government. The TIPNIS decided not to arrive on Monday to La Paz, so the government would not accuse them to be ‘allied’ with the police mutiny. TIPNIS is expected to arrive today but will avoid going to Plaza Murillo.

PAT channel said at 19:48 last night that the police is still negotiating with the executive government. Negotiation took until today before dawn, it is expected that today police force will resume their duties. The law 101 will be nullified, the food supplies were doubled to the year, and the increase and bonus will be paid as of January 2012.

This is from El Dia, June 26, 2012:

There is a large chair that hosts the coca growers and its president who also functions as the Nation’s president. The sign reads “six presidential federations of the tropic” in clear allusion to the Chapare coca growers.

A big dog is beginning to notice how little he’s been fed…

And finally, this is from La Prensa, June 26, 2012:

There is a ragged policeman eating his old boots… as a sign of the low pay they get… and source of the riot and mutiny that is approaching the seventh day of the conflict.