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The UN calls for respect to the TIPNIS marchers and avoid conflicts

The United Nations has finally issued an statement to protect the brave TIPNIS protest-walk group, who are not only defending their indigenous territory but our National Parks’ structure and survival. El Deber reports:

UN calls for respect to the marchers of the TIPNIS and avoid conflicts

The United Nations system in a statement called this Saturday respect to participants of the 9th March in defense of the indigenous territory Isiboro Sécure National Park (TIPNIS), as a right to have a peaceful demonstration.

According to the statement, the international agency has been informed that the marchers face difficulties in their journey to the city of La Paz, on the one hand, because of attitudes of intolerance of some nearby communities to the road and on the other, the bad weather conditions.

“The System of the United Nations in Bolivia wishes to emphasize that the free transit and the peaceful expression of divergent views are basic human rights of all persons”, reads the document.

Also calls to make a call to “all citizens, communities and institutions involved in these events to contribute to ensure a climate of tolerance and coexistence, and above all to avoid hostile acts” to walkers of the TIPNIS.

“It is legitimate to have differences of opinion on any subject, but the respect and generosity should always prevail among human beings.” “United Nations trusts that the authorities of all levels comply with its role of promoting these positive attitudes among all”, urged the United Nations.

The 9th March in defense of the TIPNIS and against construction of a highway which aims to split in two this National Park, departed Trinidad on April 27 to the city of La Paz and intends to fulfil its objective at the end of this month.


We are under a democracy and as such should protect these brave marchers!