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An important and very relevant press release from the Bolivian Institute of Foreign Trade – IBCE

IBCE E-1097 / 2012


Despite the efforts:


How important it is for the foreign trade of Bolivia, the Islamic Republic of Iran? Despite the efforts of recent years to achieve a greater bilateral relationship, its gravitation is marginal. The Bolivian Institute of Foreign Trade (IBCE) explained that, according to data from the National Institute of statistics (INE), the export of Bolivian products to Iran in the year 2011 was little more than $200,000, not reaching even 0.0022% of the total exported by Bolivia to the world. On the imports side, the result is similar: Iran only represents 0.0021% of purchases by Bolivia to the world. In the first quarter of 2012, the country does not register sales to Iran.


The IBCE reported that, while Iran is a country of wonder in terms of their purchases to the world, which reached $ 54 billion during 2011 according to the TradeMap of the ITC/UNCTAD-WTO, Bolivia as provider of that market has a negligible presence, with its scarce $201,234 which – according to the INE – Bolivia exported last year. Between January and April of 2012, Bolivia does not register any export to Iran

Three unique products sold to Iran during 2011 were: fuel oil, orthoboric acid and thetraborates of disodium (refined borax), a totally small export basket in relation to 1,068 products exported by Bolivia to the world in 2011, based on data from the INE.

On the other hand, Bolivia is not an interesting market for the placement of Iranian products; that the country just bought last year from Iran only 7 products for $159,771 (polyethylene, ethanediol, cumin, carpets, codeine, bearings, optical media), a derisory sum compared to $102,104 million, which Iran exported to the world in 2011. Until April 2012, Bolivia bought a total of $20,444 from Iran.


According to data of the TradeMap of the ITC/UNCTAD-WTO, the Islamic Republic of Iran, mainly imported in 2011 from the world: machines, nuclear reactors, boilers and mechanical devices ($10,651 million); casting of iron and steel ($5,274 million); motor vehicles, tractors, cycles and others ($5,198); machinery and apparatus and electrical equipment ($4,725), manufactures cast iron or steel ($2,608), plastic materials and manufacturing ($2,511), Optics’ tools and appliances of ($1,699), pharmaceuticals ($1,345), cereals ($1,177), paper cardboard and similar ($1,044), fats and oils of animal or vegetable ($1,028 million), among the most important products in the $54,127 million Iran bought from the world in 2011.

Regarding the main Iranian exports, clearly highlights the item of “mineral fuels, minerals and derived oils” (oil) for $88,239 million dollars, 86% of their total sales to the world in 2011 (which reached the sum of $102,104 million), followed by: organic chemicals ($4,080 million), minerals ($2,964 million), plastics ($2,273), edible fruits ($839)copper and articles thereof ($674), among the most important.

Santa Cruz, June 18, 2012


So, what is with this third visit? what is the real purpose, do we gain anything commercial at all??!