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Rock Art Congress bring experts to Bolivia from five continents

Anahi Cazas reports for Pagina Siete:

For the first time, 300 researchers from countries of America, Asia, Oceania, Europe and Africa will gather from June 25 -29 in La Paz in an Archaeology and Rock Art Congress. The meeting is organized as part of the activities of the celebration of the 25 years of the research society of the rock art of Bolivia.

[photo of rock art with wild camelids in a cave in Betanzos, Potosi]

During the meeting, there will be organized 15 seminars that address various issues relating to the rock art. “There will be different papers but they will focus on two specific fields, which are the contribution of technology in rock art and the management and administration of these sites,” explained Fredy Taboada, representative of the organization.

Taboada argued that the seminars will be in charge of important lecturers from abroad.

“Will discuss the management of new methods of non-destructive analysis of rock art, because there are procedures based on X-ray which allow analysis to take without taking samples of the rock,” he said. They will also try new advances on chronological studies and analysis of the content in the research of rock art.

The archaeologist Claudia Rivera noted that this international event, “will be a major contribution to this field”. Congress increased with several symposiums on cave art in North America, Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean, the Amazon, the Central Andes, the basin of Lake Titicaca and desert regions in the world. There will also be one specialized in the Inca period.

Taboada explained that Bolivia will share their experience on the role of communities in the preservation of rock art. “The social and political aspect that the country is special because it has done that cultural heritage is no longer only custody of the Government, but of all the communities,” said the specialist. “This is a fundamental change in the management of the assets.” “Is something new that will take as an example the other countries,” he added.

According to archaeologist, Bolivian representatives will discuss themes concerning the discoveries of sites that contain samples of rock art and found near Lake Titicaca. “These samples belong to various cultures and date back to a length of up to 9,000 years before present”, counted. The activities will take place at the National Museum of Ethnography and Folklore and will end on June 29.


Bolivia has lots to offer, this event is really important for our heritage and to see how we can promote and improve tourism activities.