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Bolivian Senator Roger Pinto’s whereabouts, June 25, 2012

The sixth economic world power and largest international border we share with is Brazil. As such, we also depend a lot on their natural gas demand, they are our biggest, most important neighbor. Current Bolivian government still fails to respond Brazil on the political asylum granted to Senator Pinto.

This past week was filled with two main news: the Rio+20 international forum, where our president arrived Brazil accompanied by Iran’s president; knowing that Brazilian President was not willing to greet the Iranian because of democracy failures and women’s rights in Iran. Our President loses international face and certainly does not pounder our need to have a healthy and clean relationship with Brazil.

The other was the police mutiny that continues in most of Bolivia and has severely damaged the image of current political party in power, as they cannot solve this conflict, as of yesterday’s afternoon.

On the other hand, indigenous leaders of the TIPNIS, CIDOB went to the Rio+20 Summit and also denounced current Bolivian president for not honoring current Bolivian Constitution and for not accepting their will to keep their indigenous territory and our National Park without a road inside it.

For all of the above, not so much happened with regard to Senator Pinto, he continues inside the Brazilian Embassy in La Paz, by the end of this week the TIPNIS protest-walk group will be arriving there also and that will also generate broader visibility on current government’s ability to deal with the police, TIPNIS and Senator Pinto’s case.

This is from El Diario, June 12, 2012:

You can see Senator Pinto inside the Brazilian Embassy while the political party in power is still threatening with the ‘legal’ processes they claim to have on him.

The safe-conduct requested by the Brazilian Government for Senator Roger Pinto is still awaiting for current Bolivian government reply…

It is not a good signal, for Bolivia’s prestige that this safe-conduct remains ungranted.

This is from La Prensa, June 13, 2012:

Senator Pinto is portrayed as successfully reaching Brazilian protection, while highly questioned Bolivian Justice integrity and independence, suffers the consequences.

Let us not forget about Leopoldo Fernandez is over three years imprisoned without a formal trial…