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Michael Sayman is 15 and has sold over a million Apple apps – UPDATED June 2014

2014-06-09 07.17.25 pmUPDATE:

Over this summer, Michael at 17, will be the youngest employee at Facebook! June 9, 2014.

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Bolivian blood has proven, one more time, to be excellence worldwide! Remember Rachel Welch? she had a Bolivian father; Michael Sayman also has a Bolivian father, story written by Ana Maria Copa Vasquez for El Deber follows:

A genius of games with Bolivian blood manages to conquer Apple

15-Year-old Michael Sayman already enjoy excited to win his own money with his creative ideas that have conquered the giant American company Apple.

This teenager, Bolivian father and Peruvian mother, he took advantage from his hobby to computers and, according to, after investigating online and review books in the library began, from his 13 years, to develop applications of educational games and entertainment for the iPad and iPhone, which now sells through the chain of virtual shops of the company of the deceased Steve Jobs.

“When I already felt I was ready, I asked my mom $100 for the first application I created, send it to the Apple store and they accepted.” Did not expect. I’m excited. I’ve already created 20 applications, seven are sold through Apple. “I have buyers in USA, Russia, China, South America, also of Bolivia,” he explained.

He himself was surprised the success he is reaching. And it is that, 42 people began lowering their applications per day and today some 5,000 people daily use his creations. According to his calculations, around one million people have been using or bought his applications.

Michael Sayman was born in Miami, Florida and now is in his first visit to Bolivia, the homeland of his father. Since yesterday he is in Santa Cruz giving conferences to relate his experience of success. “No matter the age that one has or where one comes [from], anyone can get what he wants if he intends [tries]. I discovered that thanks to the Internet you can create many things from our homes. I am going to continue studying and creating applications. In the future I would like to have my own company,” he reflects.

Cristina Gálvez, the mother of this young talent is proud by the achievements of her son. For each application that sells Apple Sayman get 70% of earnings. Some of his applications can be downloaded for free and others cost 99 cents.


– Creations. Among the most popular applications Michael Sayman has created: The Impossible Test (is the most successful), Club Penguin Cheats App (its first creation), Bubble Bounce and Doodle Town. They are entertainment games and guides. Some are free of charge.

– Inspiration. Ideas, according to Sayman, arrive at any time. “I am thinking of what new things you can like and attract children. I have to write, as soon as something new occurs to me and then design it. I have a notebook on my iPad where I write them,” he said.

– New. A recent application that has been developed includes information of Bolivia accessible via mobile phone. It awaits approval for sale through Apple stores.

– Conferences. Michael Sayman taught three free conferences in Santa Cruz. Yesterday, did it in the University Dominic Savio. Today it will be at 10: 00 in the Cainco and tomorrow at 9:00, at Saint George high school.


One of the good things about globalization is that anyone of us could engage in this kind of business, you just need to start. Kudos to Michael Sayman as he truly deserves to be in The Hall of Bolivian Fame.