Daily Archives: June 28, 2012

Unbelievable governmental reaction regarding the TIPNIS!!!

Current government really needs great minds to redo their negotiation and policy implementation. It is highly questionable that a long, hard walk from Beni to La Paz, has to end in this type of minutia.

El Deber reports:

Government questioned leaders of the 9th March and ruled out dialogue with them

The Government today asked the 9th March of the TIPNIS, who arrived the city of La Paz yesterday to define who the legitimate spokespersons will be for this mobilization and the specific topics to be addressed in the dialogue with the Executive, since that they [gov] ruled out a meeting with the leaders accused of drug trafficking, of trying to install gambling houses and traffic of wood, as in the case of Bertha Bejarano and Adolfo Chavez, President of the Confederation of Indigenous Peoples of Bolivia (CIDOB).


I’m speechless!! instead of going after a solution and compliance with the Constitution and Laws, let alone common sense, we are embarked in this ugly side of “Bolivian politics“. Lets not forget that starting with current vice-president himself, who served time in jail for terrorism accusations, this government now uses that kind of arguments…