Bolivian humor or sad reality?

In Bolivia we use cartoon humor to portray our failures and frustrations, let’s see some:

This is from El Diario, March 17, 2012. It shows the increasing levels of crime and certainly those wonderful tourists who choose our country, are almost defenseless.

The police section who is responsible for tourism protection has very little resources, as seen here, while thieves have little if any control.

I undertand we receive most of our tourism as a reflow from Peru, however we could receive more given our beautiful, amazing environment and our great traditions and folklore. We just need to replicate the way Mexico, Peru or Egypt handle tourism.

This one is from El Dia, April 12, 2012. It shows how badly Aerosur is regarding state-owned enterprises. While current president mocks “ha ha! the private don;t know how to manage!”

We can see a pile of state companies who were ‘created’ out of political drive, instead of competitiveness, efficiency and effectiveness.

Bolivia is experiencing bonanza as a result of high international prices on our commodities and the funding is used discretionally and in most cases misspent.

To conclude, this post, here is a cartoon from Los Tiempos, April 16, 2012.

one ‘blind’ individual: “mate, they say that the European crisis will only affect the countries that they have export businesses with”

‘avernoy’ replies “see mate, and then they say that our rulers are not visionary, thanks to them we are safe, since we only export migrants to Europe!”

Sometimes we prefer to remain ‘blind’…



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