Unbelievable and irresponsible presidential remarks… February 8, 2012

I am certainly flabbergasted and looked twice in Los Tiempos website… and it was true; those presidential remarks do not only undermine his own presidential term, but authority and laws that are supposed to keep us at peace and like citizens from a nation in this 21st century… are being thrown down the toilet. For the full Spanish version please use the link below:

President Evo Morales asked this Tuesday, to the herders and indigenous people in the towns of Quillacas and Coroma to get rid of the Governors and civic leaders of Oruro and Potosí to resolve the limits conflict in that region, through dialogue and wisdom of the peasant leaders, considering that such problems crawling from the colonial era, so he is not the culprit of these problems.

“My request sisters and brothers is to get rid of the Governor, I would say of the Governors, the civic, but as indigenous herders living here, get together and solve the problem, is the responsibility of you brothers and sisters that problem we have”, said Morales,…


In my opinion, such remarks should have never been said, internal boundary issues and other type of problems among citizens of the same state, should and must use appropriate channels. Rejecting the role of elected governors or undermining the moral authority of the civic committees in Bolivia is pushing to hard into anarchy and conflict among us Bolivians. This was just TOO MUCH!!!


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