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In DC, it was created the: Bolivian – American Chamber of Commerce

DCIt is a good and important news that comes from Washington, DC; an article published in El Deber’s website yesterday:

Entrepreneurs created the Bolivian – American Chamber of Commerce

Bolivian entrepreneurs managed to shape the Bolivian American Chamber of Commerce, in order to promote the unity of national residents in the United States and undertake social assistance for children with health problems and families that need help in the national territory.

Entrepreneurs of this ambitious project are the businessmen Fernando Álvarez and Grover Mendoza, the first holds the position of President of this Chamber and the second is the Vice President; offered a gala dinner in Washington last Thursday to the Bolivian community who managed to consolidate several business in this country.

Alvarez, owner of the Las Americas newspaper, invited Bolivian entrepreneurs to join this initiative in an attempt to consolidate the presence of the Bolivian community which currently reaches nearly 800 thousand residents only in Washington, and achieve the necessary mechanisms to assist and advise the interested compatriots to develop progressive economic activities.

For its part, Mendoza regretted the individualism that exists between Bolivians living in the U.S., which considers that the greatest challenge of the Chamber will be promoting the unity and solidarity among the people who came to the north in search of a better quality of life.

“The Chamber will work for the welfare of the people who want to have their own business but particularly look for setting up a Fund for social work as what we did at the dinner on Thursday when we raise funds to help burned children of the Viedma Hospital of Cochabamba…” “There are many positive things we can do if we put together forces and hope that in a near future we serve in a reference in the United States to help our people,” said the Vice-President of the Chamber of Commerce.

Both Alvarez and Mendoza invited the Fides News Agency (ANF) to Washington to learn about this venture, which filled one of the luxurious rooms of this city with more than 500 people, event counted with the presence of ambassadors of Central America and advisers of US congressmen and three Bolivian lawmakers; the Senators Marcelo Antezana and Victor Hugo Mayser and Deputy Mauricio Muñoz.

The main responsibility of this Chamber of Commerce undertook a series of visits to the different diplomatic legations in the U.S. capital and seek meetings with influential members of the side of the Democrats and Republicans to make them know the initiatives and needs facing the Bolivian entrepreneurship in the United States.

According to Mendoza, the Bolivian community sends to the country an average of $ 800 million a year, money that is used by their families to build their own housing, improve their quality of life in Bolivia and start new businesses generating employment opportunities.


It was about time we witnessed such a thing, despite governments we must arrange the best possible alternatives to be more competitive, efficient and together we can! Kudos for Fernando Álvarez and Grover Mendoza.