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Map with heavy rainfall in Bolivia, February 2012

La Razon published on February 14, 2012 an interesting map with heavy rainfall and rivers nationwide that deserve attention:

According to the report by the system of national information for the risk management (Sinager) of the Ministry of defense, there are 87 municipalities affected by the natural phenomenon [La Niña] and 6,050 families throughout the national territory. There is a yellow warning [see map above] by the flooding of rivers, especially in the lowlands. The Department of La Paz is the one that endured more rains in 20 municipalities and registers 1,533 affected families; Potosí follows with 19 municipalities and 1,461 families.

There is threat of overflows

Due to the intense rainfall reported in the Highlands there is the likelihood that there will be overflows in six large rivers or their tributaries, according to the national hydrography service.

The last report of the entity, issued yesterday, warns that before the heavy rains that are recorded in the country and greater precipitation forecasting, it was verified in the stations a significant rise in the levels of water in the basins. “Primarily in the Amazon basin, so it is recommended taking appropriate preventive measures”, the report of the Naval Force indicates.

The newsletter shows that in four days (February 10 to the 13) the water level increased its maximum by 124 centimeters in the River Ibare (Beni), as reported by the Almacen station and the Loma Suarez confirmed, and reported that in that area the flow increase was 118 cm.


If you are planning traveling and/or tourism during this time of the year, please check weather and road conditions before doing so.