Daily Archives: February 7, 2012

Pollution continues in Titicaca Lake

Bolivia needs to protect more its wonderful and unique environment. It’s commendable the way the TIPNIS people continue to fight for their rights and to also protect the National Park that belongs to all of us.

In this occasion, a word of caution regarding the way pollution is threatening the beautiful Titicaca Lake. This cartoon appeared in El Dia, January 27, 2012. This typical boat, whose materials grown in this beautiful lake served to build a larger one for Thor Heyerdahl‘s expedition to the Easter Island in the Pacific Ocean.

Above the boat, you can read “natural wonder & sewage” and below the name of the Lake and sewage was combined.

The way sewage is dumped into the lake must stop immediately, people who live nearby, whereas Bolivian or Peruvian MUST change their living habits and embrace the protection of this wonderful environment. In Bolivia, some indigenous groups and advocates do have the tendency of portraying themselves as the protectors of mother nature but their actions show the opposite.

If we fail to take care of this wonderful lake, we face its destruction, Bolivia and Peru do not need a replica of what happened to the Aral Sea.