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Positive: raid to punish those who endanger our environment, Oruro carnival

This is a positive measure, although much is still needed to change perceptions over these type of people, Williams Farfan reports for La Razon:

During a three-day operation, troops of the forestry police and environment have seized at least 95 stuffed animals that were used by fraternities at the ‘entrance’ to the Carnival of Oruro.

This operation was carried out jointly between the forestry police and environment officials from the Vice-Ministry of biodiversity, from Thursday until Saturday of last week.

“They killed a lot of animals and more than 95, in particular of quirquinchos [armadillo] which are not only used in charango [small guitar type instrument], but now [were used as] in rattles were seized.” “Admonished (to the dancers) that this is against the law”, reported the national director of the forestry police y Medio Ambiente, René Peña Fernández.

The rule in question is the 1337 law, which says that any person who is killing, dealing or selling wild animals and that they are in danger of extinction is subject to imprisonment of between one to four years.

Peña explained that the dead animals are 37 quirquinchos [armadillos] and 45 wild birds of a different nature as parrots, toucans, among other peaks. Some 200 feathers of suri of the Highlands were also seized.

The police authority said that all staff was not sufficient to carry out the control, so there were also carried out work of persuasion that fraternities do not use wild animals that are in danger of extinction.

In addition, they seized lizards which a ‘comparsa of tobas’ [group who dances in indigenous type costumes] intended to dance with. He added that there are no detainees, but he warned that those who carried the animals, could be prosecuted.


Good job! Oruro offers the best stage to appreciate Bolivian folklore, thus it doesn’t need to use wildlife, in fact, it only damages our reputation. We must protect our wildlife!!