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Bolivian bad weather and road conditions, February 2012

Despite losing half of our territory since we became an independent nation, we still have a large territory; traveling from the highlands down to the Amazon basin implies rough and uneven terrain, it is hard to build a solid road, let alone maintaining them in good condition. This year, reports say that the rainy season will cause more damage to our road infrastructure and that may cause problems in our internal and external markets for the goods we produce or trade. Today, Carmen Perez reports in El Dia:

The rains, which are expected to continue until March, put at risk the paths of entry and exit to some areas of production in the Department of Santa Cruz. While the highway stretches remain passable but with caution.

The latest reports of the Bolivian Highway administrator, notes 145 routes to be tread cautiously, they are at the national level, in 33 there must be made detours and seven have turned from impassable to dangerous.

In Santa Cruz, the route that is impassable is located in the ‘Vado del Yeso’ by Vallegrande. The flood of the Rio Grande prevents the passage of motorized transportation.

Also yesterday called for caution in the commercial border routes of the country as Tambo Pisiga, Antofagasta, Desaguadero, Yacuiba, Bermejo, Puerto Aguirre, and Cobija, which are the road sections that connect to Bolivia with Chile, Peru, Argentina and Brazil, respectively.


To make things worse, road blockades continue, the bad and pernicious practice, that served current president continues. Yesterday and today some roads to/from Santa Cruz city are blocked, El Deber reports:

More than 1,000 motorcycle taxis from the municipalities in the North and East of Santa Cruz Department yesterday closed the main roads of terrestrial communication, leaving the capital almost disconnected with the rest of the country.

Leaders and members of trade union organizations of the four provinces of North, Pailon Cotoca, San Ramon, San Julián and Cuatro Cañadas, joined the departmental Federation of ‘Mototaxistas’ “1ero de Octubre,” closing the vehicular passage on the new road to the interior, which leads to the Chiquitania, Beni and the border with Brazil, demanding that the fixed cost of the license plates for their motorcycles be Bs 228, as a central demand, apart from the release of certain taxes. Hundreds of passengers and drivers of four-wheel vehicles, heavy and light were harmed.


So, rain and blockades will have to be taken into consideration if you are planning to use Bolivian roads for your business, vacation in the next two months… sorry.